Benefits of kangaroo dog food

Pups love some protein, and it will show in many more ways than you can imagine. Whether you prefer plant protein food sources or something more traditional, in the form of meat, there is a lot to explore. If the choice between chicken or beef isn’t a winner for your dogs, then you may need to consider kangaroo-based dog food. Kangaroo meat is safe for dogs to eat and when compared to other protein types it is one that has a less fat content. It’s red meat that is much leaner than the typical protein options and that makes it both tasty and nutritious. This balance between a protein punch that’s free from high fat comes with many benefits for your pup’s overall health. This short guide explores all that and more.

How Is kangaroo good for dogs?

Australians are familiar with kangaroo as a protein source, but we understand if you are hesitant about integrating it into your dog’s food plan. It may sound like an odd addition to the list of typical things your dog can stomach but you’ll be surprised to learn that it falls right in line. That’s because kangaroo-based foods, even in the form of nutritional dog chews, contain a very high amount of protein and very little fat. This makes it one of the best, if not the best, lean red meats you can give your pup. Kangaroo-based products are also high in amino acids, which are necessities in a dog’s diet.

How to safely integrate kangaroo into your dog’s eating plan?

Any changes in the foods your dog will consume require special care. Dogs are creatures of habit, and they have very sensitive digestive systems. That means that you should always practise caution and look after them when something new is thrown into the dog bowl. You should ensure that you source your kangaroo foods from a good dog food producer. You can definitely rely on the team at Whooch that already does sustainable sourcing and easy packaging for you. This saves your dog from any of the consequences of poorly sourced, seasoned products that can upset your pup’s stomach.

Benefits of kangaroo dog food

1. Kangaroo is one of the leanest red meats

Kangaroo is one of the leaner protein options which is brilliant for your dog’s digestive sensitivity. The reason why we believe in manufacturing products with this protein is because of its protein-to-fat ratio which is unmatched when compared to other red meats. If your dog has a sensitive tummy or reacts badly to typical proteins, kangaroo meat’s low-fat content will help them avoid any nasty flare-ups.

2. Kangaroo comprises healthy fats

The fat on kangaroo meat, as little as it may be, is the healthy kind. It is mostly unsaturated and in small quantities, which can be very healthy for your furry friend. For many living organisms, it forms a crucial part of a balanced diet.

3. Kangaroo is high in iron and zinc

Your dogs need foods that are high in iron and zinc because it helps how they digest food and how their bodies feel. Dogs age much quicker than we do and that means they are more prone to issues with their joints, skin etc. Iron and zinc help to alleviate some of the issues associated with this that can develop over time. Iron works to create red blood cells and they help to strengthen their immune system and maintain body growth.

Zinc, on the other hand, is there to keep your pup’s energy levels high. Not just that, it is also associated with toughening paw pads and strengthening their coats.

Benefits of kangaroo-based dog food

  • Kangaroo meat is rich in B vitamins, omega-3s, zinc, and iron. All of the things work together to reinforce your dog’s immune system
  • Kangaroo meat is also great for dogs that are on a strict low-fat diet
  • Kangaroo also offers a gentler alternative for dogs with protein allergies

Choose high-quality food products for your pup

Whether it is kangaroo foods or anything else you plan to feed your pup, the quality of the product can often be more important. You need to ensure that you are picking the healthiest products for your pet. If you don’t know how to get started, enjoy a discounted rate on our packaged deals and you can give these premium products a try.