Holistic health for your pup

Holistic is the latest buzzword for health gurus and social media influencers. Dog food producers and other puppy health specialists use this word in a much more authentic way because we are genuinely invested in it. Holistic approaches to your dog’s healthrefer to connecting all the separate parts to produce a healthier end result. That means combining how happy they are, how healthy they are and how mentally stimulated they should be. The efforts you put into ensuring all of these things are how to consider the whole pet’s healthmore broadly. That means that you should be feeding them foods that also help to stimulate them in a conducive way. You should ensure that they have regular opportunities for exercise and cosmetic concerns like good oral hygiene. This is how you will help to support optimal whole body functioning within your pet. Whooch is an Aussie doggy foods maker that loves the idea of holistic caring and that’s why we have developed products and philosophies that emphasise this. Our area of speciality is about what you feed your dog and how that can support your holistic goals, so we’ll get into some of that detail below.

Food that keeps the gut healthy supports holistic health

Believe it or not, a lot of the positive hormones, feelings and healthy feels originate from your doggy’s gut. That means you should take special care to put things in there that are helpful to make them feel good overall. Our hemp-infused dog foods offer benefits that help with the inside and outside health benefits. These products are balanced and complete nutritional food products that contribute to a protein and fibre-supplemented diet. Here’s exactly how they can do that:

  • Our hemp-infused foods are full ofomega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are naturally high in concentration. They are a highly nutritive source of a compound that helps with the overall health of your pet’s skin and joints.
  • Hemp products are also highly anti-inflammatory and help maintain healthy cell membranes.
  • For pets with chronic concerns, our hemp products can also help the treatment of pet anxiety, seizures, arthritis, and energy depletion.
  • Hemp can reduce inflammation and blood sugar because it is made up of various protective compounds.
  • These compounds are also associated with reduced inflammation and can even promote healthy heart function.
  • Hemp is also a contributor to dog fibre requirements and fibre helps to reduce spikes in blood sugar.
  • Hemp also has outward benefits because it can help improve your pup’s coat health
  • Fibre acts as a natural sticky agent in the digestive tract that lasts longer than other nutrients. As it does with people, more fibre in your diet helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer and it will do the same for your dog.

What is holistic about hemp?

If we haven’t given you enough information already, let us reiterate that hemp-based foods aren’t just about keeping your dog full, they play a role in how happy and healthy they feel. There are several studies out there which can confirm and debunk what your concerns are, but we can give you some for free. Hemp-based foods do not get your dog high, but they will help them feel much better than they usually would when it comes to how they digest their foods.

Emotional health concerns

Our products are meant to help in some way towards improving your dog’s emotional state, but a lot of the work here is dependent on you as the owner. Nothing beats fresh air and exercise to keep your dog happy. Even if you are giving your dog premium-designed food products, it won’t be enough to keep their tails wagging in a sustainable way. Exercise is a great way to keep your dog feeling happy and healthy and they really love the intimate time they get with you because of it. This also helps to give them the exercise they need to stay in shape, prevent diabetes, reduce stress on joints, and fight certain cancers.

As with any change to your dog's diet, it's always safest to get professional advice about what is best for your pup. You’re welcome to check out our selection of hemp dog treats and foods and they come with a range of benefits that you should explore. We also ensure to give detailed dosage requirements to all of our clients. We don’t just sell the stuff; we want to hold your hand (and your pup’s paw) on this new journey to sustainable eating.