Is hemp with food good for dogs?


Dog lovers and dog food makers probably aim to get tails wagging ina similar, but also more sustainable way. By sustainable, we mean dog food that improves the health of your beloved pup over the long term. One of the foods of the future for felines is hemp-based dog food which you’ll discover has many benefits. Traditional hemp seed-derived products, like our range of dog food bundles, do not have any THC compounds in the formula which is what usually concerns hesitant dog owners. Our doggy treats and foods are tested and 100% verified to meet those all-important THC requirements to protect the health of your pup. Hopefully,we’ve put your mind at ease. Now, it’s time for us to discuss if hemp-based food actually is good for your dogs and what benefits it can bring.

What are the benefits of hemp-based dog food?

1.    Hemp can reduce inflammation and blood sugar

Hemp is made up of various protective compounds including omega-3 fatty acids. These and other compounds are associated with reduced inflammation and can even promote healthy heart function. Hemp is also a contributor to dog fibre requirements and fibre helps to reduce spikes in blood sugar.

2.    Hemp can improve your pup’s coat health

The fatty acids we’ve mentioned already aren’t just great for your dog’s internal digestion, they are also beneficial when it comes to how they look on the outside. That means they can help to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Fibre helps your dog look great, and feel great but also feel satisfied for longer. Fibre acts as a natural sticky agent in the digestive tract that lasts longer than other nutrients. As it does with people, more fibre in your diet helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer and it will do the same for your dog.

3.    A healthy source of plant protein

There is an ongoing concern about integrating enough natural protein in meals for dogs. This has resulted in many concerning dog feeding fads that aren’t the best solution or gentle on their digestive systems. Hemp-based dog food offers a healthy dose of protein that you may not easily find in other products.

How much hemp should I give my dog?

Everything in moderation is a good cliché to go by. You would do the same for any new ingredient you add to your dog’s meal plan, and it is all dependent on their specific needs and responses to it. It would be a good idea to speak to an expert about what is the best for your pup’s size, health and eating habits. A professional can also help you navigate a green area depending on your dog’s age, breed, health history, and dietary needs. No matter what you may come across online, slow, and steady is always the best when it comes to hemp-based foods. Maybe start with half of what you think is enough for the first week or two and track how your furry friend responds closely. Doing this can help you to implement a gradual plan and ensures that your dog is able to adjust in a healthy and conducive way.

How to feed your dog hemp?

This is exactly what Whooch is here for! There’s no need for you to get carried away with measuring tables or worse. We have a range of hemp-based food packages for you to use. Doing this takes out the element of guesswork and the potential risks involved with that. Our range of products is customized for certain dog groups, and they are pre-measured with safe amounts of hemp for consumption. If you have any concerns, you are welcome to give us a call and we can break down exactly what is in our food products and why they are safe for consumption. Even though we are firm believers in hemp as an ingredient that should be included in your pooch’s meal plan, we don’t expect you to worry about how much and how to integrate it into their diet. We already have perfectly balanced snacks and food products that eliminate all that work for you. We wanted to make sure that our clients could simply pop open the packaging, after reading the dosage instructions on the packaging, and trust that what they give their dogs is completely safe. When it comes to how you feed your dog hemp-based foods, all you need to do is pop open our packaging and hand them over. We still believe that you should monitor your dog’s reaction to the product, but we also guarantee that they are safe for consumption.