Is kangaroo good food for dogs?


Whooch is a natural dog food producer that is keeping up with modern alternatives for more nutritional meal plan preps for your furry friends. Other than our extensive range of hemp-infused products, we’re also taking full advantage of the benefits of other protein sources. Kangaroo-based foods are emerging as lean dog protein because it is rich in nutrients and offers twice the amount of Vitamin B12 than any other meat protein. It is also a great source of fatty acids like omega 3 which dogs are not capable of producing themselves. The benefits of fatty acids such as these are endless, and we explore them extensively in our blog section. One of the biggest concerns pet owners have been that their dogs are lacking in protein sources that they are able to stomach and kangaroo products are here to solve that issue.

Is kangaroo meat good for dogs?

There are many benefits linked to the integration of kangaroo meat into your dog’s eating plan, but this should be done in moderation. Like with all things, you need to carefully track how your pup responds to it. Kangaroo is higher in protein content compared to other types of regular meat and in most cases, easier to digest. Lean red meat is the best for doggy diets that are looking for low-fat, protein-rich solutions. This protein is also rich in iron, zinc and B vitamins including niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12.

Benefits of kangaroo-based dog foods

Kangaroo is considered to be naturally the leanest red meat protein available, and this is great for pet owners that struggle with integrating chicken or beef into meal plans. It is the low fat to meat ratio in kangaroo meat that makes it more ideal for dog consumption because they can benefit from meats that are unsaturated. Dogs cannot digest fat the same way that humans do and this comes with some health concerns. Besides the lean fat benefits, kangaroo also has some of the highest levels of zincin protein categories. Zinc is important because it assists the correct function of cell membranes. There are many more benefits, and we explore them all below:

1. Improved immune response

Kangaroo-based dog food has compounds in it that supporttheir natural immune responses to disease. This can help them to recover quickly from wounds or otherwise in the natural life ofrough and tumble for a canine.

2. Boost zinc supply and benefits

These products are also packed with a lot of zinc which helps in many ways. This includes the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates and even naturally occurring energy reserves. Zinc can also help to improve the health of their coats and helps to toughen their paw pads.

3. Boost iron supply and benefits

Kangaroo meat is also an excellent source of iron in a dog’s diet which can help to assist the production of a molecule that carries oxygen throughout your dog’s body. High-iron kangaroo products also help dogs that suffer from constipation because it helps to balance the naturally occurring enzymes.

Signs your dog is allergic to kangaroo

When it comes to food for your dogs, you can’t just pick anything up from anywhere. This is especially important if you are buying your pup products online. Make sure you are buying kangaroo dog food products you can trust before clicking on the add-to-cart option because your pup’s health is at stake. Make sure you do as much background research on the company before you give them your well-earned money. Like with any other allergen considerations for dogs, you can’t tell that your dog is averse to it until they’ve tried it. That means you should approach this new journey with caution, moderation and with a direct line to your vet in the case of any issues. Certain symptoms will present themselves if you’re dog is allergic and you need to be ready to respond as soon as possible. In some cases, they may present themselves as an upset stomach or a rash or swelling. No matter what, you should prepare for all of the following:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Laboured breathing
  • Redness, swelling, irritation and itching
  • Scratching to the point of skin damage
  • Repeated ear infections or ear irritation

Reliable kangaroo food producer across Australia

Whooch is Australia’s dog food producer and our experience in doing so has helped us curate products that are safe for consumption and easy to use. You may be worried about a lot of things after reading this guide but we want you to know that everything will be okay! Use our products because they have perfectly portioned additions to keep your pup in good spirits.