Is kangaroo safe for dogs?

There are many protein options safe for dog consumption across the nation and one growing in popularity recently is kangaroo meat. Kangaroo meat is equally as safe for your dog as other protein types. Pet owners are usually more hesitant because it does fall under the wild game category. Take it from us here at Whooch, as an experienced kangaroo-based foods provider, this type of protein packs just as much, if not more, micronutrients than regular meat animals. This means your dog will be getting high-quality protein as well as many other benefits it is known for. If you’ve noticed that your dog is sensitive to other common meats like chicken, then you should consider trying it. In some cases, kangaroo is much safer than typical protein types for your dog.

Is kangaroo dog food good for dogs?

Mainstream protein options likechicken, and beef, are usually farmed in domesticated environments. As they grow, they’re pumped with various chemicals because it is part of running these farms and mass production conditions. Kangaroos are sustainably farmed from the wild and that means the meat is made of a different makeup entirely. Its meat is free of any antibiotics, hormones, or pharmacological intervention. But that is not to say that other farmed proteins are bad for your dog. They all offer different benefits, in conjunction with a balanced diet of vegetables and grains, but kangaroo meat is a very lean protein since they are very active animals. Pet owners will try everything including using fresh raw kangaroo meat or buyingpre-packaged options, the point is to find the best way to enrich your dog’s diet and ensure they are properly nourished.

From a nutritional standpoint, kangaroo is packed with iron, amino acids, and zinc. Iron plays an important role in transporting oxygen around the body which helps the natural response to infection, fatigue and otherwise. Zinc is essential for growth and development, wound healing, and keeping a strong immune system. Kangaroo meat has a substantial amount of protein of over 20% with less than 5% of fat content which is significant when compared to beef. The nutritional benefits include all the following and more:

  • Kangaroo is one of the leanest red meats and that makes it a top protein option
  • Kangaroo meat-based products aresuitable for dogs of all diet types, particularly those that are sensitive, like sufferers of pancreatitis.
  • If your dog is intolerant to other protein types, kangaroo is a novel protein which may be the answer to your problems
  • Kangaroo has a high concentration of so-called conjugated linoleic acids (CLA), which are said to be effective against diabetes and cancer.
  • Kangaroo meat is also an excellent source of iron, and this can help to boost your dog’s natural immune system response

Reasons to try kangaroo meat for your dog

Any changes in the foods your dog will consume require special care. Dogs are creatures of habit, and they have very sensitive digestive systems. That means that you should always practise caution and look after them when something new is thrown into the dog bowl. You should ensure that you source your kangaroo foods from a reputable dog food producer. You can go through the stress of trying to source raw meat products and dealing with the work that comes with it. Or you can rely on the team at Whooch that already does sustainable sourcing and easy packaging for you. With that in mind, you should know that kangaroo isn’t for every dog. Some may respond positively, and others may not. That doesn’t mean that the benefits aren’t there it just means that your dog has particular tastes, and this should be nurtured at all times.

Consider trying kangaroo if:

  • Your pup hasn’t responded positively to common farmed meats
  • You’re looking for protein sources that are less artificial and chemically induced
  • You’re looking to natural protein-packed food solutions
  • You have a dog breed prone to obesity that needs a low-fat, high-protein diet

You may have some concerns still about feeding your dog wild protein sources but we want to assure you that kangaroo can be a great protein source for most pups and it is proving to be well-received amongst our clientele. Whooch provides a wide range of kangaroo-based chews for those interested in trying out a gentle integration of this protein into your dog’s diet. Not only that, but we are also invested in curating hemp-infused plant protein products for those looking for alternatives. Try some of our Roo Choos and see how they like it. You may be surprised by how they respond!