What is the best dog food?

This is a loaded question because the best dog food may not be the best option for every single dog. The better consideration is to ask yourself: what is the best food for MY dog. We’re an Australian natural dog foods producer and we know that your dog is the ultimate judge about what’s best for them. The best thing for your dog is a balanced diet that incorporates quintessential food groups and nutrients. Pup parents have a responsibility to give their dogs the right food that contains all the ingredients they need to thrive. Healthy food equals a healthy dog and healthy food is something you should invest time in sourcing.

What are essential dog food ingredients?

While you may be most concerned with what brand to buy and where to buy it from, the main area of focus should be on ensuring the quality of food. There is a set combination of ingredients that your dog needs in their food. We’ll get into them below, but you should also remember that every pooch is different in their own way, and they may require a balance unique to their needs.  Dogs with conditions like sensitive stomachs, diabetes, or pancreatitis, may need a different set of ingredients and nutrients to compensate for their ailments. When you’re looking for your dog’s next nutritional food snack or otherwise, here are 5 essential ingredients that all of our furry friends will need no matter what.

5 essential ingredients in dog food

1. Protein

Meat isn’t just a tasty treat for our furry pals, but it is also a fundamental element that contributes to their development. Whether they get it through meat or plant proteins like those in premium hemp-based dog food. They’re an essential ingredient because they comprise amino acids, which help with many functions such as supporting your dog’s growth, tissue repair, energy, skin, coat and more. It is part of a well-balanced doggy dinner and that’s why it’s important to find a dog food that contains real protein sources. The meat source must be listed first as this needs to make up the largest proportion of the food.

2. Carbohydrates

We’re talking about complex carbs here and not the wrong type. This includes stuff like brown rice and other power carbs. Power carbs will provide your pup with slow-releasing energy that lasts throughout the entire day, rather than the sugar rush spike and dip that occurs from eating a simple carb. Not just that, complex carbs are an excellent source of compounds that reinforce gut health and digestive capability.

3. Fruits and vegetables

Modern nutritional requirements actually put a lot of emphasis on the inclusion of delicious fruit and veggies. They pack a lot of vitamins and minerals that your dog may not access in other food types. This food type also has the added benefit of helping keep their fur shiny, and vibrant. Plus, they help to liven up your dog’s usual routine because they add new textures which can make mealtimes more exciting and appetising.

4. Fats

Believe it or not, there are plenty of good, unsaturated fats that your pup should be eating. Whooch is invested in healthy fat products and that’s why we have kangaroo food snacks in our catalogue of products. Good fat will help your dog’s innate ability to maintain cells and nerve generation and the upkeep ofmuscles, body tissue, and digestion.

Included in the fat category, areessential fatty acids such as omega-6 and omega-3. Your dogs are not able to produce them independently, so they could stand to gain a lot by you integrating them.

5. Vitamins and minerals

Just as you do, as a living organism prone to ageing and illness, your dog needs them too. Complete dog foods should have the inclusion of this because they’ll pack more vitamins and minerals than other types of foods.

What is the best dog food?

With the right combination of all the things we’ve mentioned up until this point, you’re well on your way to providing a healthy diet for your dog. Once these big 5 basics are included, you need to ensure that the products you buy are made up of high-quality, natural ingredients. The fewer processed ingredients the better. Even some kibble can attempt to have all these ingredients, but if you rely on the cheap stuff, you’re cutting short on the nutritional value. You could go the more time-consuming route and cook your dog’s meals up because then you can track exactly what is going in, but we know this isn’t the most convenient option. The best food for your dog is products that are minimally processed and packed with all the nutritious, delicious ingredients your dog needs to thrive. And that’s exactly what you’ll get at Whooch.