What makes a healthy dog food diet?


We know exactly what goes into a healthy diet for our families but are you clued up on what that means for the furry member of the household? You also need to include healthy meals and naturally nutritional snacks to create a balanced meal plan for them. You may not know where to even begin but try not to worry, we’re here to try and make you better informed about what makes a healthy diet for dogs. There are many modern approaches for additional nutrition packing and one of them includeshemp-based dog foods for their anti-inflammatory benefits. But before we get into that, let’s go back to basics and find out what makes a healthy diet for our dogs, which includes the ingredients in the food and how the food is prepared, alongside where to get these healthy, balanced dinners from.

Benefits of a healthy diet for your dog

The healthiest dogs are those that have access to the healthiest foods. Healthy dogs are always active, in a good mood and able to live long lives with their families. When we say balanced diet, we mean a diet that includes all the essential ingredients, supplements, and nutrition that your dog needs. It’s also important to take into account things like how the food was made and if it’s suitable for your dog’s individual needs. Not every dog requires the same levels of nutrients, and you’ll find that one may lack in some areas more than others. So, let’s discuss the main elements that help you decide what goes into a healthy diet…

What factors impact a healthy dog food diet

1. Essential ingredients

You can’t simply pull any product off the shelf, you need to ensure you are buying products from an Australian dog food producer that is labelled as complete and balanced. This shouldn’t just be a tagline. You need to ensure that the products you feed your pup have all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients necessary. Take the time to closely scrutinize, and even research, the products you choose and see if every ingredient is recognizable and healthy for your dog to consume. A good indicator is finding the inclusion of protein, fruits, vegetables, and essential compounds because these are all key to delivering a balanced, healthy diet. Try to avoid packaging that has a long list of preservatives and artificial flavourings. Your dog should be eating good, honest food without any funny business.

2. Natural foods over high-processed products

We already know what you’re thinking. “Who has the money for this,” and we’re sure the dog can’t tell the difference anyway. They’ll gobble it all up. Some doggy food producers claim to be high-quality but deliver highly processed foods and even slap high prices on the packaging too. There are natural, nutritional products you can invest in without breaking the bank. It just takes some additional shelf surfing on your end as the consumer. You may find with wet food that the product contains 70% water which is a sign that you’re wasting your money. This and other processed product tricks will usually have your dog meals lacking in the vital nutrients they need. Natural options are easier for your dog to digest and that means easier for easy living.

3. Your pup’s individual needs

Different dogs have different nutritional needs. This is the case even within the same dog breeds! So, there’s no use in just picking something generic up off the shelf. It would be a worthwhile investment to find out exactly what nutrients your dog needs regularly. Your vet is best placed to give you this information because they know everything there is to know about the health needs of your pup. Your furry pal’s breed may be prone to bone and joint pains, breathing issues or immune vulnerability. There are foods you can incorporate into their lives that can help in mitigating these issues very early on.

What is the best healthy dog food?

From this short guide, we can quickly sum up that the healthiest food for your dog is made up of three things: nutrients, naturalness, and needs. It doesn’t matter what food you pick as long as it is nutritionally rich, limited in processed ingredients and focused on your dog’s needs, then it’s perfect for you and your pup. Whooch has a range of products that fall right in line with this and we’re available country-wide.